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24 February 2014 @ 10:11 am

Happy Birthday DokiDoki!!!

Have a great day!!!

23 February 2013 @ 08:35 pm
Hi there!

I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday Doki Doki !!!

I still look foreword to reading and buying more Yaoi manga from you!!!

04 July 2010 @ 05:39 pm
 Hi there!

At a con, I purchased a Lugia Chibi Plushy and lost him a few hours later T_T

I am looking for this specific Lugia.

Just let me know if you have it, prefer new, or if anyone can recommend a website. Thanks!
25 April 2010 @ 01:13 am
Selling Manga!

Hi there!

This will be my first sale post for Garage Sale Japan. So any questions, just contact me.

Please read:
-Shipping is not included, so provide zip code, to calculate shipping.
-With delivery confirmatin is .80 cents more.
-After I ship out package, not responsible if package gets lost.
-Not interested in trades right now.
-Can hold an item up to 5 days
-Accept paypal only.
-Buyer is responsible for any paypal fees, unless payment is sent as a gift.

Mangas for Sale


Left pic:

-Cantarella Vol 2 - $5
(Very Good Condition)

-Cantarella Vol 3 - $5
(Like New Condition)

-Cantarella Vol 4 - $5
(Very Good Condition, has small crease, vertically, across the bottom of spine)

-Sensual Phrase Vol 4 - $4
(Very Good Condition, on the top front cover of the book, there is a sticky residue, because price sticker was taken off)

-Sensual Phrase Vol 7 - $4
(Very Good Condition, on the top front cover of the book, there is a sticky residue, because price sticker was taken off)

-Pet Shop of Horrors Vol 8 - $5
(Good Condition)

-Pet Shop of Horrors Vol 10 - $5
(Good Condition, has a remainder mark at bottom of the book, you can see picture below)

-DNA Angel Vol 3 - $3
(Great condition, price sticker was removed from the back of book that left damage, see the picture on the right)


Left pic:

Spines of manga

Right pic:

Pet Shop of Horros Vol 10 - remainder mark at bottom of book

Vampire Game Manga Set (Vol 1 - Vol 15)


Here is whole series of Vampire Game mangas. Wil sell as a set only, just send me an offer.

Juvenile Orion Manga (Vol 1 - Vol 4)



Here is the Juvenile Orion set with Vol 1 to vol 4, missing Vol 5.
Selling for $12, comes with a very damaged box set, which is free.

Ex Library Mangas

 some items are Ex Library Mangas, all are $3, except for Sensual Phrase mangas which are $1.50.


-Gentlemen Alliance Vol 2 - $3
(Like New Condition)

-High School Debut Vol 2 - $3
(Good Condition)

-Voices of a Distanct Star - $3
(Good Condition, has some wear on just the cover)

-Fullmetal Alchemist vol 13 - $3
(Like New Condition)
-Death Note Vol 4 - $3
(Like New Condition)

-Death Note Vol 6 - $3
(Like New Condition)

Sensual Phrase are $1.50, I bought them on a auction online, the seller failed to inform me that some pages from each volume had been torn off, but there are no missing pages. There is picture shown below.

Yaoi Manga


Ahh yaoi....

-Dont' Worry Mama (Novel) - $4
(Very Good Condition)

-Ordinary Crush Vol 2 - $5
(Like New Condition)

-Menkui! Vol 1 - $5
(Like New Condition)

-Junjou Romantica Vol 3 - $5
(Like New Condition)

-Junjou Romantica Vol 4 - $5
(Like New Condition, has a slight bent from the back cover of the manga, see picture below)


Free items! One per customer, per purchase.

If you want to buy freebies, they are .50 cents.


Thanks for looking!

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15 December 2009 @ 07:18 pm
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